The Pie Shop, founded in 2006 by two Zurich residents with international roots, is the first of its kind in Switzerland. Jacqueline Hodel and Regula Stutz strive to bring some British tradition to their hometown: lovingly prepared, homemade comfort food that makes you happy.


Our pies and sweet treats are freshly produced every day. They contain no preservatives or colourants. We use only Swiss meat and Swiss poultry, while our seasonal vegetables and fruit are carefully selected from the market. Because of this some items may be temporarily unavailable. Feel free to give us a call to make sure your favourite treats are still on hand or just pop by to see what's currently on offer.


It is not known for certain who baked the first pie. According to some historians, pies were already known by the Romans. They believe that Cato the Censor wrote the first recipe for a goat cheese and honey pie. Some decades later in 1475, Platina, an Italian writer, offered a recipe for a squash pie sprinkled with rose water and sugar. Although we believe that pies are typically English it still seems that all roads lead to Rome. We at The Pie Shop in Zurich offer a range of traditional British recipes as well as some newer creations with a modern or local twist.

Chicken Pie

Large 14.50 CHF – Small 9.50 CHF

Slow oven roasted chicken, dried plums, raisins and warm spices simmered in a tasty cream sauce with mushrooms.

Beef & Guinness Pie

Large 14.50 CHF – Small 9.50 CHF

The classic British taste of tender beef with fresh mushrooms, potatoes and peas. All gently simmered in a rich brown Guinness gravy.

Hot ChiLi Pie

Large 14.50 CHF – Small 9.50 CHF

Flavoursome chorizo sausage and beef with carrots, potatoes, sweet corn and tomatoes, spiced with fresh peperoncini.

Pork & Apple Pie

Large 14.50 CHF – Small 9.50 CHF

Gently braised pork with celery, apples and sage on a smooth cider velouté.

Shepherd's Pie

Large 15.00 CHF – Small 10.00 CHF

Tender braised lamb chunks and minced beef, carrots, mushrooms and herbs. Topped with homemade mashed potato.

Vegi Pie

Large 14.00 CHF – Small 9.00 CHF

A variation of seasonal vegetables married with a tasty curry sauce.

Apple Pie

Pie 6.00 CHF

A traditional sweet pie with apples, brown sugar, cinnamon and of course some well kept secrets.

Lemon Pie

Pie 4.50 CHF

Sweet pie made of zingy lemons and ground almonds.


Piece 6.00 CHF

Oven baked, with a selection of seasonal fruit and a crumble topping.


Piece 6.50 CHF

Classic baked cheese cake with a pastry base, vanilla and a hint of lemon.


Piece 4.50 CHF

Deliciously moist lemon cake, intense and bright in flavour. Infused with a sweet drizzle glaze.


Piece 6.00 CHF

Airily light gluten free chocolate cake.


Monday–Saturday, 09:00–20:00
Sunday, closed

T +41 43 366 92 52
Limmatstrasse 231, 8005 Zürich

At The Pie Shop in the market hall of the Viadukt you will find our whole selection of fresh pies, delicious homemade sweets, a vast selection of spices, tea, coffee, chutneys, scones, beer and loads of other goodies. Arrive early to be spoilt for choice or give us a call to make sure your favourite is still on hand.


Monday–Friday, 08:00–17:00
Saturday–Sunday, closed

T +41 79 212 38 72
Rotbuchstrasse 68, 8037 Zürich

This is where we produce all of our homemade treats. Here you will always find a selection of our savoury pies as well as other sweeter homemade delicacies. You are welcome to stay and enjoy your goodies on the spot or take them home to savour later.

order pies

Use our order form to reserve your favourite pie(s) in advance or to place any larger orders. Orders of up to 10 pies must reach us by 8.00 o'clock on the pick up day. We kindly ask you to send us larger orders of 10+ pies at least two days in advance. You can pick up your order at our shop in Wipkingen or the Viadukt within our standard opening hours. For pick up orders we accept payment by cash or card.

Please give us a call for last minute requests or catering enquiries.